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Reporting and Metrics

SignManager’s reports are transparent, accessible and customised to suit your needs. The database can be queried in any way you wish, to provide whatever metrics you require.

Perhaps you want reports on signage expenditure to help secure budget. Or maybe you need an account of the savings achieved through tendering and stock management. Either way, our systems are set up to deliver the reports you want, whenever you’re ready.

Common reports include:


  • Return on investment report
  • Expenditure split between new signage, maintenance and refurbishment
  • Stock management
  • Savings against previous benchmark pricing
  • Quantity and description of all signage in your network

Intelligent solutions

Our intelligent, integrated process spans the lifecycle of the sign, and delivers value for money and a significant advantage for your business.           Intelligent solutions

Single point of contact

A single point of contact means a familiar face, a trusted partner, an easier relationship and a smoother, streamlined experience.                       Single point of contact

Far-sighted approach

Our sign maintenance programs keep your brand in pristine condition while extending the working life of the sign by up to 30%.                                                           Far-sighted approach

Smarter systems

Our industry-leading online management system, Signifi, provides secure storage and easy online access to your project data.                     Smarter systems